Copper ore bioleaching from ecological point of view

Authors: Vesna Conić, Ivana Jovanović, Dragana Božić

PhD Vesna Conić, B.Eng.metallurgy

Vesna Conić is Metallurgical Engineer and Ph.D. on Technical Science. She has over 15 years of experience in metallurgy sector and hydrometallurgical processes. She has publications on this field. She has experience in previous HORIZON 2020 “INTMET” project where she working on developing bioleaching processes for the treatment of polymetallic ore during 3 years (2016-2019). She was involved in other R&D projects funded by the Ministry of Science Republic of Serbia like: “Development of technology for recycling of precious, rare and associated metals from solid waste Serbia to high-quality products”-TR34024, and “The development of environmentally and energy efficiently technologies for the production of non-ferrous and precious metals by bioleaching, solvent extraction and electrolytic refining-TR34004. Other activities where she is involved are solid waste treatment, leaching and solvent extraction processes optimization and reagent compatibility testing.