Role of particle shape in the floatability of toner particle

Authors: Maja Trumić, Katarina Balanović

PhD Maja Trumić, Mining Engineer

Prof. Dr. Maja Trumić is Mining Engineer and she received a Ph.D. degree of Technology, from Technical Faculty in Bor, University of Belgrade. Currently is employed as a associate professor at the Technical Faculty in Bor, University of Belgrade on Department for Mineral and Recycling Technologies. Her research includes physical-chemical processes in flotation, kinetic models of the mineral and other raw materials flotation process, kinetic models of the mineral and other raw materials screening process, recycling technologies, waste management, etc. She published over 80 papers in journals and conferences in the field of mineral and recycling technologies, one university book entitled Management and Treatment of Waste and two auxiliary books entitled: Basis of Design in Mineral Processing and Comminution and Classification of Materials. Also, Prof. Dr. Maja Trumić participated in a few international and national projects such as SATREPS, TEMPUS, IPA, and many national scientific projects funded by national authorities. She is also an scientific board member of several international conferences, field Editor (Waste processing and recycling technologies) of Recycling and Sustainable Development journal and a member of the professional association Serbian Chemical Society.